Don't Panic if Your Golf Car Malfunctions

Turn to us for golf car repair services in Janesville, WI

Is your golf car battery not charging? Are you having trouble steering? Whatever the problem may be, you can rely on Thorns Golf Cars for top-notch golf car maintenance services. We service Yamaha, Club Car and Easy Go Brands. You can also count on us for golf car accessories, such as lights, mirrors, roof racks and seat covers.

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Know the signs that you need golf car maintenance

If your car breaks down, it's important to get golf car repair services right away. Here are some clear signs that you're due for maintenance:

  • Your engine won't start
  • Your car loses power quickly
  • You have trouble accelerating
Your golf car is a big investment. Keep it in great condition by getting regular golf car maintenance from Thorns Golf Cars.

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Trust our skilled cart service team

Expert Cart Service

Thorns Golf Cars is your one-stop shop for outstanding golf cart services. Do you need your golf cart serviced? Count on a family and locally owned business with over 20 years in the business. Stop in for service today.

Get reasonably-priced services

  • Maintain and repair golf carts for customers
  • Customize carts
  • Add accessories
  • Repair all parts of cart including body, upholstery, and engine and electrical motors and chargers

Enjoy great services and products

Receive exceptional customer service whether you are needing cart service or inquiring about our large inventory for electric cars, gas cars, used cars, and accessories. We will help you find exactly what you are searching for and answer any questions you may have about our products and services.

No 2 cycles or discontinued brands

No 2 cycles or discontinued brands

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