Excellent golf car rentals

Excellent golf car rentals

Thorns Golf Cars provides convenient golf car rentals. Do you need car rental service? Contact us today for more details. Choose from gas or electric golf cars with additional options of lights and windshields.

Rental rates
2 passenger$70.00 / $140.00
2 passenger with box$85.00 / $170.00
4 passenger$85.00 / $170.00
6 passenger$130.00 / $260.00
Dump box car$100.00 / $200.00
Delivery charges
Less than 25 miles$50.00
26 to 50 miles$75.00
51 to 75 miles$100.00
76 to 100 miles$125.00
Tournament fleet rentals (per car per day)
Less than 25 miles$38.00
26 to 50 miles$40.00
51 to 75 miles$42.00

Our trailers hold 12 or 20, so increments of 10 or 12 are preferred.

Count on well-maintained rentals

Whether you are renting a golf car for use at a campground, for a business facility tour, a sports tournament - like baseball and soccer, or something else trust that your rental has been taken care of and is ready to go. Our workers provide strict vehicle maintenance and wash them every day. We ask that you bring them back clean and fully gassed or fully charged. No additional insurance is required. For larger groups- our fleet rental is Yamaha drive. Fleet rentals are strictly for golf courses. Contact us for a FREE quote.